The glorious moments of summer can save the day.  I’m ready for them, I breathe them in, especially this year while working under heavy loads of responsibility shadowed with sadness.  These joys require little besides the ability to receive them in the moment.  They are health giving; life sustaining. Gifts.

These are mine: Brilliant blue skies and white clouds, bright blooming flowers, fields of grain nearly ready for harvest, a small town 4th of July celebration with children crowding to pick up candy tossed from old cars and firetrucks in the parade, dinner under the trees, the perfume of nectarines ripening in the kitchen, long light-filled evenings, windows and doors open at all hours, putting fresh strawberry jam in the freezer, hearing the birds, friends who bring extra fruit and produce to the door, a movie in the park, ice cream, fans to keep the warm air moving, laundry dried on the clothesline, snow on the mountains, 72 colors of green in the forest, tomatoes ripening on the vine, watermelon, watching a pair of Northern Flickers enjoy my backyard, the encouragement of friends.

I am grateful.






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