My Easter, as usual, was a carefully planned, hardworking, my-work-is-my-worship kind of celebration. For weeks I’d been planning the breakfast that was the pre-service gathering of our church, and planning for members of the local community who might, or might not accept our invitation to join us. Close to 500 new apartments have recently opened down the street from our building and we sent invitations to the whole complex. Breakfast first, candy hunt for children next, then worship and teaching time for kids and grown-ups.  Busy morning.  The menu needed to accommodate several kinds of dietary needs, it needed to be visually appealing, and it needed to be served and attended to with grace.  I have several deeply held thoughts about the beauty of people sharing food around a table, about the holiness of it.  And just as there is holiness at the table, it is also present in the preparation.  It’s a privilege to prepare the food that will bring health and strength, joy and delight to those who gather, either around my table at home or around many tables somewhere else.

The prep crew on Saturday and the cooking/serving crews on Sunday enjoyed working together and were happy to see not only the enjoyment of all the people but the true success of their work.  It was a good day for all of us celebrating the resurrection with joy.  One of my favorite things was watching young moms and grandmas coloring eggs together.  It was a very happy time and a beautiful picture to watch, and to listen to as the stories and laughter flowed.

I had my own special day of reflection on Monday when a friend and I went to the tulip fields for a quiet walk.  There weren’t many people there, the air was cool but dry, and the colors in the rows and rows of tulips were absolutely glorious.  It looked to us as if all creation was singing a song of joy. 

It was all good.





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