Still February

February sounds better than March in terms of time gone, at least I want to think so.  It’s been quite a journey from mid-December to here.  A very close family member suffered a devastating, life-changing loss and without being invited grief moved into our house like member of the family, affecting everything we thought, said or did.  The hours slowed down and a quietness settled over our household.  But the passage of time, the balm of loving friends, and the heart-felt prayers of those around us have made a difference. 


Spring has had an early start here which has been a great gift to us.  The light has changed and with the longer daytime hours and warmer temperatures the world seems like a new place.  Trees are budding and the blooming cycles have started.  It’s a joyous relief.

During this quiet time I found and met with a group of new-to-me writers which seems like a very hopeful connection.  I’ve read a few books which have been inspirational, and I’ve continued to pray and dream. In the last couple of weeks I’ve enjoyed the current issue (Jan/Feb 2016) of Poet & Writers Magazine.  In particular, the articles “Dare to Discover Your Dangerous Writing,” and “Facing Difficult Material on the Page” have captured my attention and imagination—I’ve reread them more than once.

The quiet, slow time seems to be coming to an end, or at least easing up.  I’m hopeful that the months ahead will be full of new growth coming in unexpected but productive ways.





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