It was indeed November-ish

Blog Nov9

Blog Nov3
Shadows and colors transitioning from fall to winter
Blog Nov4
A safe place for the Stetson–a sure sign that the grandfather is here.


Goal: the object of a person’s effort; an aim, or desired result

I had writing goals set for November.  During the last week of October I put a sticky on my desktop with a checklist of 5 things I wanted to accomplish in the next month, including 3 or 4 blog posts.  That ever present November sticky with no check marks, I now remind myself, was simply a short-term goal—the long-term goal is still in place, and is still reasonable.  It is December and I am writing words again, headed for the prize.  All is well.

November is a month of transition. From fall to winter, from light to increasing darkness, from cool temperatures to cold.  While the natural world moves toward the dark and inhospitable we do what we can to compensate by gathering our people around us and creating warmth and light. There is a November-ish tension that can’t be ignored.  On a personal level I experienced the dark in walking through shock and grief with two unrelated families who each experienced the unexpected death of a family member. Emotions and sadness ran high and low, draining energy.  And I felt sadness in watching my mother and her husband struggling with the effects of advanced age and encroaching memory loss, which makes their everyday life, and their visit to my home much more difficult.

Blog Nov6
On the train again.


So I put my efforts toward creating comfort and making room for joy where I could—for my suffering friends, my celebrating friends, for my family and for myself.  Calls and written words, and personal presence for the suffering, joyous dinner gatherings, a newly created peaceful guest room to accommodate the needs of my folks, happy home routines that made and recalled happy memories, and a beautiful evening by the fire and with candlelight for myself during an hours long power outage. God was near, as promised: Near to the brokenhearted, near to those who celebrate, near to those who look for Him.

Blog Nov 2

Blog Nov7
Lights out in the city

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