Searching for a Word

Happy Birthday Lori K 003 editI’m looking for a new word, invented or repurposed, that describes what it means to be hospitable at home, in the community, amongst people we know as well as those who are strangers.

This concept involves offering, or even being safety, kindness, and comfort to someone. It has tones of companionship and community as taken from term fellowship.

There is intuition, imagination, and love. There is the sharing of resources.

It allows a person to help someone else succeed and take no credit for it themselves.

It requires our best (at the time) with no consideration of return.

Any thoughts?

The biblical take on hospitality required people to offer shelter to strangers in distress and to feed the hungry who came to the door. The big H word now belongs mostly to an industry that provides rooms and meals in exchange for money. There is no shame in that transition, we need them and they provide good service.

Some, in thinking back to the biblical term talk about hospitality now sadly being reduced to dinner with a centerpiece and a nicely laid table. I’m here to say that a beautifully provided dinner can be the gift and balm that sad, overwhelmed, tired, or disconnected people need. Sometimes that beautiful dinner will be impromptu and cooked straight from the grocery bags that have not yet been unpacked, and other times it might come straight from a drive-through fast food place.

When it’s done with love and kindness, it’s the real deal.

What do we call it, in just a word or two?


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