Writing at the Fair

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A friend and I went to the State Fair yesterday.  We enjoyed clouds, some sun breaks, pouring rain, clouds, hail, unbelievable rain, sun, and the most glorious sunset ever.  And all of that was just from the sky.

We have a routine at the Fair, wandering through the animal barns watching the judging and grooming, and kids with their swine, goats, cows, sheep, and draft horses before heading off to all the other exhibits.

Blog state fair 5This year, because of the incredible sky shows we spent more time inside and took our time with each offer to vote for “Best of Show” or “People’s Choice”.  With small pieces of paper and stubby pencils in hand we jotted exhibit numbers on our way through the various sections, carefully making our choices, and then went back to make our final decisions. This year with my renewed energy for writing I took the time to use my words, instead of just writing a number.  The writing prompt on the papers said, “What did you especially enjoy about this entry, or what did it make you think about?”

Blog state fair 3  It was a great opportunity to do some creative writing on a few short lines, and to consider the initial questions, but even more important was the opportunity to affirm and encourage the artisans, the growers, and the bakers.  Each entrant will receive their comments and hopefully those words will be part of the fuel that helps them keep going when they’re not sure if they want to try again.

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